The Mind – Body – Spirit Connection in the Medicine of Light

The work being done on light in theology as reflected in the Bible and Judaeo Christian tradition, philosophy, physics, medicine and near-death experiences is directing us to a revolutionary breakthrough in terms of a new model – a new approach to reality. Progress in all of these areas of human curiosity is being driven by brilliant and original insights into the very nature of the foundational stuff of the universe – light – an elusive, pervasive, something or someone!This new approach to reality sees the Mind -Body – Spirit connection as an essential insight if we are to even begin to comprehend the inner and outer worlds that together reveal to us what exists – what is truly real.After more than two decades of reading other’s works, my own experiences, and pondering, I came to the conclusion that it made sense to use the Mind – Body – Spirit connection as the basic framework for presenting the human experience of light in the Bible and Judaeo Christian tradition, philosophy, physics, medicine, and near-death experiences. Light is the ultimate stuff of all that exists as both a something and a someone, calling each of us into life.If light is indeed the foundational, basic stuff of all that exists then it is easy to understand why light based medical technologies and medications are the most effective and the non-invasive form of medicine practiced in the early twenty-first century. They are utilizing the basic constituent element of the universe – light – in one or another of its many forms.Long before I was involved in a serious study of the phenomenon of light, I recognized in myself an intense sensitivity to light in all its forms. From my recollection of the early years of my life, my sleep patterns have always been highly affected by light. Even if I had been sleeping for eight hours or so before the time of my rising, if the rising time was prior to natural daylight I found it very difficult to get out of bed and still do. As I am aging into my mid-seventies my body clock winds down sooner at the end of natural daylight but awakens as soon as natural daylight comes streaming into my bedroom window.I have always wanted to be in natural daylight as much as possible during the day either outdoors, or if indoors, working by a window with abundant natural light. My career as a public school teacher, principal, and college professor found me maximizing natural light in my classrooms and requesting office space with abundant windows as sources of natural light. I seldom turned on the artificial lights, which were either incandescent or limited spectrum fluorescent, until forced to do so by natural darkness when my work schedule kept me there past the end of daylight. I have always felt good in the light. It has been a lifelong medicine for me.In 1993, due to a persistent “lazy eye” condition in my right eye and the beginning deterioration in acuity of vision in my left eye, I sought a new phototherapy treatment recommended by my Optometrist, Dr. Earl Lizotte, who had been working in the field of Syntonic Optometry since the late 1980’s. It was during this treatment that I was told of the work of Dr. Jacob Liberman and made aware of his book, Light Medicine of the Future. Dr. Lizotte was also exploring the work of Arthur Zajonc on the history of light as described in Zajonc’s 1993 book, Catching the Light. Zajonc is a Professor of Physics at Amherst College and a specialist in Quantum Physics.These two works filled in the missing pieces of my own study of light that had formally begun with my initial work on the writing of Pierre Teilhard deChardin in the mid 1970’s.Teilhard de Chardin was a Jesuit priest, scientist, and philosopher, who along with Zajonc and other interdisciplinary synthesizers see science, theology, mysticism, religion, and ecology as fundamentally interrelated. Each of these areas reveals a different aspect of reality. Collectively they give us the most complete picture of reality we can attain.With the addition of near-death studies, the scope of my study on light came to completion in 2006, however, my research on Light as a Someone and a something continues.The Mind-Body-Spirit connection in the Medicine of Light originates and is confirmed in the work of synthesizers such as Arthur Zajonc and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. It is my basic approach to reality in this initial article on the Medicine of Light, and in a series of articles on specific applications of light based technologies, therapies, and medications.

Ways You Can Make Money As A Psychic: Mind Body Spirit Expos

Here is the third installment in this series of articles where I’m revealing the low down and dirty on the different business models open to you as a career psychic.Mind body spirit ExposThese are usually large events running from 1 – 3 days. Exhibitors hire stand space where they promote their products and services, and there are usually talks and workshops throughout the event.The Event organisers promote the event and get visitors in the door. You hire a stand, set up and promote to the visitors at your stand.Average earnings, £1000 – £20,000 (or even more) over the long term.For:A good expo will have a very high profile and get lots of visitors into the hall.
Because the visitors are your target market, and usually come wanting to buy something, all you need to do is to influence them to buy from you.
With a good marketing strategy and follow up process in place you can reap a return on your investment.
The contacts you make at the event
Great at raising the profile of your brand
If you already know your product sells, and how to sell it, there is massive opportunity for long and short success of your whole business.Against:The investment is high, and can run into the thousands. Stand space is costly, and you will also need to factor in the stand itself, which can also be very costly.
In addition to the cost of the stand, the cost of your marketing materials for the event also need to be factored in.
It’s a higher risk strategy as there is no guarantee that you will make any sales during or following the event.
You need a good marketing and sales strategy in place to make the most of the event. Don’t assume that because there will be lots of visitors that it guarantees that people will buy from you.
The logistics of getting your stand, banners and materials on site can be challenging.
You need to be expert at sales and marketing to make this pay off. Without this in place first you could be throwing your money away.
It is very hard work. The days are long, you are often standing for hours and you need assistants or you won’t be able to take a break.Things to check.Make sure the Expo is a reputable one that attracts high visitor numbers and that the visitors are your target market. Ask about visitor numbers to previous events.Also consider contacting previous exhibitors to find out how well they did at the event in previous years.Check the position of your stand before you purchase the space. Make sure that you are positioned well to get the maximum number of visitors to your stand. You don’t want to arrive and find your stand space is in a store room down a corridor behind the toilet block.Also test your marketing materials before the Expo. Given the high cost of exhibiting it’s not the place to test. Make sure you know your materials work and you have a follow up process and the sales skills to back it up or you could have a very expensive and disappointing weekend.Some Expos offer speaking slots only to exhibitors so make sure you ask for one. This raises your profile significantly at the event.Avoid trying to make sales at the event. Instead focus on gathering the details of your ideal prospects and follow up with them later and cultivate a long term relationship with them.Overall verdictIf you have a great product, know how to market and sell it you are on to a winner. At Psycademy we have people purchase up to 5 years after they have first met us at an Expo. So if you’re in it for the long term with a great business model it is an excellent way to build your brand, grow your business and it can work no matter how new your business is.